Who We Are

We're Charting a New Course in Substance Use Policy and Practice.

Our Vision

To create healthy communities where all people regardless of race, class, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, ability or other defining characteristic are treated with compassion and dignity, regardless of how or whether they use alcohol or drugs.

Our Funders

The Substance Use Funders Collaborative is the only national funder’s group focused on developing and investing in a full and equitable community based non-punitive substance use system of care including prevention, treatment, recovery, and harm reduction. We are not a grantmaking body.

The Promise Of Robust Equitable SU Services

We believe philanthropy can and should play a critical role in advancing practice and policy that results in a high quality, comprehensive, culturally, and linguistically effective, person centered, community-based substance use system of care


Only 10.4 percent of individuals with a substance use disorder receive treatment, and only about a third of those individuals receives treatment that meets minimal standards of care.


Every dollar spent on substance use disorder treatment saves $4 in health care costs and $7 in criminal justice costs.

Funder Spotlight

NH Charitable Foundation helping to advance Medicaid to Schools

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation has provided funding to the JSI Research and Training Institute to help establish a Training and Technical Assistance Center for schools to help children in need.


Cross-Sector Partnerships for Equitable Non-Punitive Solutions

Local and state partners are working across sectors and within public/private partnerships to build services that will address current crises and help to build a more functional equitable system of care.

Relevant Research & Data

Funders often seek cost analyses, effectiveness research, prevalence data and more. While it is clear there is a need for more robust disaggregated data, these resources aim to bring some newer and innovative efforts to the fore.


These resources seek to reveal local, state and federal efforts to build and sustain a behavioral health workforce that is culturally and linguistically effective.

Continuum of Care/System of Care

A continuum, or system, of care includes a coordinated approach to primary prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery services. These resources will share ways to think about creating a full continuum with peer and natural supports woven throughout.

Health Equity and Racial Justice

Substance use systems have a long history of racial inequities. These articles discuss how to begin addressing inequities in order to achieve better outcomes across race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability and other intersectional identities.

Communications Resources

Fact Sheet

Concern about drug addiction has declined in U.S., even in areas where fatal overdoses have risen the most

From the Pew Research Center: The share of Americans who see drug addiction as a “major problem” in their community has declined in recent years, even as drug overdose deaths in the United States have risen sharply.

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