Harm Reduction Services for People Who Use Drugs: Exploring Data Collection, Evidence Gaps, and Research Needs – A Workshop

January 30 -31, 2024 

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will conduct a two-day virtual public workshop that brings together data experts, program implementers and evaluators, and other key interested parties to explore data collection efforts, evidence gaps, and research needs on harm reduction for people who use drugs (PWUD).

Invited presentations and discussions will be designed to:

  • Explore the current state of knowledge and evidence gaps regarding delivering harm reduction services for PWUD in communities, including evidence on best practices for engaging PWUD who are not currently accessing treatment or harm reduction services, as well as inclusive service delivery practices;
  • Examine data collection coverage and gaps at the local, state, and federal levels regarding the current state of harm reduction practices in the U.S., including survey research and program and grant evaluations;
  • Discuss evidence on barriers to the implementation of harm reduction services and programs at the local, state and federal levels, and the impact of regulatory barriers relative to other factors affecting harm reduction services;
  • Explore future data collection needs and key opportunities for federally-sponsored harm reduction research.

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