NH Charitable Foundation helping to advance Medicaid to Schools

New Hampshire elementary school classroom.
New Hampshire elementary school classroom. (Pre-pandemic photo by Cheryl Senter.)

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation has provided funding to the JSI Research and Training Institute to help establish a Training and Technical Assistance Center for schools to help children in need. Read about the initiative below.

Children in many schools in New Hampshire are in need of school-based health and behavioral health services. Services that schools are required to provide based on Individualized Education Plans or other written care plans are reimbursable by the federal Medicaid program under the “Medicaid to Schools” program.

But a significant barrier exists for schools to get that reimbursement: the Medicaid billing and reporting processes are complex and time-consuming, and many schools do not have the training to manage them, leaving already-struggling schools without access to this coverage.

Now, free training and technical assistance is available for schools to gain access to those federal dollars to cover critical health services for children.

The JSI Research and Training Institute has established a Training and Technical Assistance Center for schools, with funding from the Foundation, to help with the Medicaid billing process, unlocking access to federal dollars intended to help children in need.

“The ultimate goal is for more children to have access to the in-school services they need to thrive and be ready to learn,” said Traci Fowler, a senior program officer at the Foundation. “This training program gives schools the support and tools they need to be able to offset the costs of those services.”

Medicaid to Schools offers schools the opportunity to receive federal Medicaid dollars to offset costs for services performed by qualified medical and/or behavioral health providers in a school setting. New Hampshire Medicaid can cover services included in an eligible student’s individualized education plan or other written care plan.

JSI is working in collaboration with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services’ Offices of Medicaid and Department of Education along with local and national experts to support schools that are already enrolled in the Medicaid to Schools program, enroll new districts and help schools maximize reimbursement and benefits of the program.

Schools can request free assistance from the center by completing this technical assistance form and will be contacted within three business days. Additionally, a weekly consultation hour is open to all schools to share knowledge and resolve common issues. More information and a Zoom link are available by contacting nhmedicaid2schoolsta@jsi.com.

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